Emerge supports the development of healthy empowered communities.

Following a formal dance training, and career as a professional performer and choreographer, Donna Fallowes founded Emerge™ developing Emerge Arts™ (an inclusive arts company) and later Emerge Outreach Programs™, bespoke programs and workshops.  Her vision was to  provide opportunities for a diverse range of learners through inclusive arts , as well as to help build empowered communities.

Working across a platform of Arts-Creativity-Environment  she encourages people to realise that they are their own best asset.

Donna has always felt  that by the simple act of people getting into contact with their essence and demonstrating it through creative self expression , they become well and self-empowered.

Emerge provides us with the opportunity to remember that life is full of Joy! That the more we honour our authenticity the more joy we can contain and share. Emerge acknowledges that we are better moving together as community . The time is now , and we have full permission to Express , Evolve- Emerge together!

During her early teaching years while working with learners with special needs/mental health issues , Donna began working with movement for connection and authentic expression .She developed a way for people to connect and express their emotions through movement to music and rhythm  . She witnessed them find the space to simply ‘ be ‘  and to integrate their feelings and emotions through  movement  . She then developed her approach and began offering it to all Emerge™ members  in her weekly teaching practice.

Experiencing the positive results for Emerge members she shared this approach/technique with her performing arts students at college/university and received positive feed back from them also. They described how it helped them to release stress and relax , and asked for it again and again throughout their course of study.

This is how Emerge -Integrative Movement  grew from seed …

Its now its here in Chichester ready to share itself with you and you with it!  Its a lot of fun !  An alchemy of our hearts bodies, minds and souls – so with bare feet (optional) on a warm floor ….Mmmmm…go on get your comfy clothes on  and let yourself out to play !

Donna first immersed herself In the study of conscious dance /authentic movement practices in 2006,  undertaking year long on going group studies and weekly on going practice.

Emerge ™ Membership was created in 2001 and Emerge Arts continues its growth and success today,  with  a team of qualified teachers who deliver the weekly programme of classes , it has produced 15 Inclusive performance projects to date, and offers teacher training and local employment opportunities within the arts sector. Additional employment opportunities are provided through Emerge Outreach programs™ (see gate way page on the website)


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