The mindful movement class with Donna was a fabulous experience to unwind and tune into how I’m feeling in the here and now, letting go of tension along the way.  Donna oozed enthusiasm and energy and helped guide us through this journey. Having attended 5 rhythms classes in the past I found the mindful movement class held a greater emphasis on tuning into what thoughts and emotions were brought up during the dance and how we could take these forward to positively change our lives . Sara Bradford- Trainee Doctor -Chichester

I always use the power and rhythm of the music to move the way I wanna move. The music makes me dance in the way that makes me free and alive and it allows me to become me, the Adam that I am OUT of work and not INSIDE of work. I find ways to move my hands and body freely and to finally be lifted away from the burdens and the weights of the day.

The hard worked and stressed side of me has to disappear as I dance …and after a while it makes room for the free Adam to come forwards , the fun lovin and relaxed guy with an eagerness for self discovery and playfulness . This way of exercising keeps you well , it  de-stresses you and awakens your creativity as well! It plants new seeds into your feet and body, allows you to grow and blossom to enjoy, full vibrancy of life! .

Stress in the body? Who needs it? get to Emerge -Mind -body fitness class and learn to Fly with your feet on the ground !

Adam Davies - Emerge member

Emerge Mind-body fitness  has helped me to learn how to dance from the inside out, something a formal dance training alone doesn’t always teach and which is a real asset to today’s performer.

 Valerie Herron – Teacher

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