Hive & Home-Mythology

beesLike my fluffy furry counterparts I’m flying , humming , buzzing, foraging, exploring , discovering, tasting, smelling, seeing, feeling, touching the worlds with in and without….Nourishing my mind body and spirit with all it requires. I’m claiming more personal space within my life. Its an interesting threshold,  and for me it has meant that others in my life are being asked to pick up a little extra responsibility, to meet me half way across the bridge in equal holding/nurturing of the relationship we share.  No more nodding dog, pleasing and appeasing people. So I’m humming home to my rich landscapes within, honouring my gentle strength as well as the ”simple truth”, and I’m no longer appologising for communicating it … for i’m an individual who is committed to the truth I find it serves me well like a compass at Sea.

I trust this honest and open sharing of my experience may be an offering of honest contemplation for myself and others. Donna

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