Donna Fallowes

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Donna Fallowes
I love dance, and I love the following definition of dance: to leap, skip, etc., as from excitement or emotion; move nimbly or quickly: to dance with joy.

For in this definition we all dance  ...and its how we began to dance as children, like when we felt happy, jumped in the air and clapped on sight of a friends arrival , when a beat moved us to move our hips, or a rhythm and  feeling took over the whole of our body and we could only spin around on the spot  heart free , arms open wide eyes up to the sky ... in sweet surrender and connection ..just like a whirling dervish!

So where do we find that kind of good feeling medicine today.? ..For me its in a time that I give to myself where I literally feel put back together sometimes I feel like the world is moving too fast and I just cant get all my ducks in a row, ...I need to get back to the centre , and begin again from there . As I move through Emerge Conscious Dance and relax into  moving meditation simply helps me to be me!  

For me its simple, I know that my body needs to move and I need to lighten up , connect with others and have a good laugh !  I know in my heart that is what keeps me young vibrant and enjoying life! 

Many years of inclusive teaching experience  has connected me to the gorgeous diversity and unique abilities of human beings , and when community moves together,  well .. a sweet magic happens .  I see connections deepen, friendships grow  and positive changes take place as we become an empowered community

So come ever you do, what ever your condition ,  shake off some resistance,  laugh,  whirl , have fun and Emerge !


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