Adam Davis

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Adam Davies – Emerge Arts member
For the Emerge Conscious Dance, when it comes to the free form movement to music, I am my own person. I am a man of movement and have my own way of dancing and moving. I forget about what others are doing and stick to my own movement of  the music.

I never copy anyone else’s moves, unless they're interesting enough to be incorporated into mine, and I always use the power and rhythm of the music to move the way I wanna move. The power of music in Emerge Conscious Dance is so powerful, it makes me dance in the way that makes me free and alive, to move my hands and body freely and to finally be lifted away from the burdens and the weights of the day I’ve have left behind. Any day I’ve had where I’ve been stressed, tired and just plain fed up, music and movement allows me to get away form all of that and allows me to become me, the Adam that I am OUT of work and not INSIDE of work. There’s two sides of me, and one side has to rest and disappear as I dance. That side being the stressed and hard worked side ... the free Adam is the Adam you see in Emerge, the fun lovin and relaxed guy with fun in his heart and the eagerness to go on and move forwards. With music and movement being the opening to Emerge , its a sort of stress reliever and a sorta relaxant, de-stresses you and it plants new seeds into your feet and body, allows you to grow and blossom as you dance and move, the seeds become small flowers, which become a colourful blossom of nature, and that is what I am, a colourful person, eager to enjoy, full of vibrancy and with music and dance, with Emerge Conscious Dance, I rise again like a Phoenix from the flames.

Stress in the body? Who needs it? These are my words and my testimonial for Emerge. I rise higher than ever before and continue to be enlightened and enriched by the power of dance and Emerge


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